APISIX as high-performance micro-gateway

The concept of an API Gateway has been there for several years. An API Gateway acts as the single entry point into the system. Hence, in a nutshell, all requests from clients will first go through the API Gateway, and then will be routed to the relevant service. In addition to request routing, it can perform additional duties such as, request transformations, authentication, and load balancing. Therefore this can be used either to expose your applications to the internet or inside the intranet for your microservices to communicate with each other.

Apache APISIX is built with high-performance in mind. More than a decade ago API gateways didn’t have such high- performance requirements. At that time Internet traffic mainly ran from the browser to the server, and there was less traffic from microservices or the intranet. And most of the API Gateways built at the time were limited to the technologies at that time.

However, there is a lot of traffic now, with mobile phones, IoT devices. This will keep on increasing with the introduction of 5G technologies. At the same time, the internal traffic is also getting increased with the hype of microservice architecture. Therefore in this new business situation, there are more new requirements for the API gateway.

Our team at Chain Analytica is currently using APISIX as a micro gateway for our Zilk Road Platform. Our ZilkRoad platform connects businesses to their supply chains from suppliers to logistic partners and financial partners in a unified platform with enhanced collaboration, visibility, and intelligence with the power of Industry 4.0 and blockchain.

The following is a feather cast I gave for the Apache Software Foundation on APISIX.


Quick start guide: https://github.com/apache/apisix/blob/master/doc/getting-started.md




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